October: Scoring Goals


My posts during the month of October will pertain to GOAL SETTING.  In these posts, I will help you discover the true power of goal setting.  Goal setting is not just a scribble on a post-it note, or a 'to do' item. Scientists have discovered that EFFECTIVE goal setting is a multi-step process.  ALL steps need to be exercised to derive maximal performance benefits.  I will explain all steps, and encourage you to practice these steps in your goal setting.

I stumbled across this video a couple of days ago:

I shared it with my husband and we are reminded and inspired to set a 30 day challenge (goal) that we can pursue.  For us, our goal that we will pursue will help us in our performance as a couple.  For you, your 30 day challenge may be something related to enhancing your technique, mental game, time management skills, sleep and recovery, or any other aspect contributing to your performance.  Whatever your 30 day challenge, I am excited to be sharing this journey with you.

Take Home Message: October is goal setting month.  Setting goals and achieving goals is imperative for enhancing performance.  Goal setting is a multi-step process whereby adhere to ALL steps will maximize its effectiveness. FIRST STEP is to find a goal or a challenge that you wish to accomplish.