Setting Priorities during Busy Times

If you have been following this blog (oh no!) you have notice that I've been absent again. This wasn't intentional. I really love writing this blog. Like so many of the other bloggers out there this is a personal space for me to express myself to my world. This blog is my creative outlet. Brene Brown says that taking time to creatively express oneself is critical to living authentically. Based on my scholarly reading and work with high performing athletes, being authentic enables peak performance moments. But my creative side isn't the only aspect of my day-to-day activities that has been neglected. I've been behaving like a stereotypical type A high stress, over-extended working adult - little sleep, poor diet, insufficient exercise, and neglected or worse-avoiding social contact with my friends. (I don't need to go into all the gory details. I am sure that you have a decent visual of my past month).

Here's the point of this confession - In busy times, times of high stress, we need to be all the day-to-day behaviors of sleep, diet, exercise, creative outlets, social relationships right.

I believe that has to be the priority. It is going to be hard for me (or anyone who is behaving like me) to achieve (greatness?) without getting these other aspects of my life right.