Workout to Conquer Cancer

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 9.48.19 PM
Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 9.48.19 PM

May 2017.

It has been 5 years since my Father passed away from cancer.  To mark the occasion, I am doing something that is deeply important to me -- SERVICE.  I am raising money for Cancer research in British Columbia through participation in the Workout to Conquer Cancer.  I am doing this in service of others who suffer from, who live with, cancer.

My goal is to reach $500.00 ($100 for each year that I have lived without my father).  The task is to workout each day for the month of May.   Today is May 10th and I am 25% to where I want to be: I have 21 days to go and $350 dollars to raise.  Can you help me?

Why does it matter to me that I complete this challenge and raise this money?

  • First, Cancer really really sucks.  It is painful.  It is scary.  It profoundly changes people -- and people need help and support to manage it.  People matter.  People's lives matter.  This money will support someone who is suffering right now.
  • I'm healthy and I can do something.  Not everyone has that privilege.
  • My parents have a legacy of service and philanthropy.  My Dad assisted with a golf tournament for a BC Hospital that was able to build a cancer wing with the money raised (over a couple of years).  My parents have provided me with that example and it is my turn to start finding ways to raise money for a community that I care deeply about.

Want to know about my "workouts"?

May has 31 days, and I'll be spending 30 - 120 minutes a day "exercising". So far, so good.  No missed days.  I've done Zumba, Orange Theory Group Training, Spinning, Bike rides, Jogging, Walking ... Not all workouts are created equal. Some more enjoyable than others, some more intense (and difficult) than others.


This is me not looking so fresh after my Orange Theory Group Fitness training. But notice the smile...

How can you help me?

Every donation no matter the size is greatly valued!  If you can't donate, perhaps you can connect me with someone who you think might. For any donation over $20 (CND) you will receive a tax receipt.

This is the link to my personal fundraising page:

Thank you!