Sport Parenting Moment: Unexpected Source of Fun

I’ve encouraged my daughter to take part in school Track and Field since she was in Grade 4.  I’ve tried to convince her to join because track meets are so much fun! She is quite serious about her soccer and basketball. Sport needs to be fun too. In my memory, track meets are about being outside (in the sun), hanging out with friends, and doing your event and getting a ribbon.  In my mind, this is an ideal way to spend an afternoon, or day if you were lucky enough to participate in a city championship meet. 

This year, the day of the city championships did not live up to my promises (of fun). My daughter qualified in three events that included long jump, discuss, and 4X100 m relay.  It was a cold and cloudy day with rain to be expected in the afternoon. I brought a blanket to help keep her (and myself!) warm.  In both the long jump and the discuss she was the only girl from her school to qualify in her current grade.  So much for hanging out will all her friends.   

The save of the day? Her performance in the individual events. Though she had an average day, she placed 7th in both of her individual events.  My daughter came running to me stating: “Look at the beautiful colour of this ribbon!”.  The 7th place ribbon was a deep blue colour.  We both took a pause to take in and appreciate the vibrant colour of this ribbon.

My daughter did have fun at this track meet.  It just didn’t come from a source that I thought it might. Who would have thought that the colour of a ribbon could affect the degree of fun brought to a day of sport participation?  Thank you for the valuable lesson that fun for you comes from a different place than I might expect.

How about you? What was the most unexpected source of fun for your child? Please leave your comments in the comment page below.